What is Art?

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What is art?

People seem to have a need to define things. Is this art classical or abstract? If it’s too far into abstraction is it even art at all? We tend to naturally group things. Painting, photography, sculpting is firmly in the art group, but what about weaving or building furniture? Can those things even be considered art?

This is definitely art.
But what about this?

Absolutely. Art is everywhere and in everything.

A beautiful tapestry is art.

Even that makeover your best friend gave you can be art.

The yellow and pink sunset you watched the other day or the blue flower that posed so perfectly against the new-green grass is art. That is God’s, or the Universe’s, art (God and the energy of the universe are one in the same to me, but put what you want in that space).

I have tried something like this before...it did not go well.
We tend to forget that we are surrounded by the works of the ultimate artist.

Art is anything that moves or inspires your imagination. It cannot be grouped or rigidly defined. Sure, we need to be able to convey the idea, but, to me anyway, arguing over whether or not something is art is a total waste of time.

So, if someone tells you that you don’t make art, they are wrong. You do make art and you are an artist.

Somebody’s bad art is someone else’s favorite piece.

Art can be anything.

Can you think of any examples of something that in your mind was definitely art, but someone else thought it wasn’t?


Do you have something that you made that was not considered “art”?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Images Sourced From Pixabay: 

Violin Woman: VintageBlue

Weaving: MBatty

Makeup: Gromovataya

Flower: fietzfotos

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